Six sermons during lunch over two weeks
Celebrating the 50 days beginning on
Easter Sunday and ending with Pentecost

Eastertide marks Christ’s resurrection and the promise of renewal
for all of creation. Feasts are common as families gather together to celebrate. We invite you to join us for a daily lunchtime respite,
April 30-May 2 and May 7-9, from noon to 1:00 p.m., for 30 minutes of worship and a brief sermon followed by lunch ($10). 
Feed your body and your soul with us at ReGarding Easter--
a special program of Grace & Holy Trinity Church,
8 North Laurel St., Richmond, VA 23220.

What’s so special?
Featuring two outstanding experts on the Old Testament, ReGarding Easter is a new way to renew, repair, rebuild and restore—six sermons celebrating hope of the day when the transformation begun in Jesus will be in all: a new heaven and a new earth. 
Why now?
According to the New Testament, only a few people saw Jesus after the resurrection. Yet many people through the ages have had faith in what they could not see and have experienced transformation. 
Dr. Melissa Jackson
A lifelong Baptist and North Carolina native, Dr. Jackson received her Master of Divinity from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. She earned her Ph.D. from Oxford in the Hebrew Bible. She is an independent scholar, editor and researcher known for her expertise in feminist interpretation of the Bible.
Dr. Mark Biddle
A highly respected Old Testament scholar, Dr. Biddle has authored several books and dozens of articles. He earned an M.Div from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, a Th.M. from the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague and a Ph.D. from the University of Zurich. Dr. Biddle brings scripture to life with humor, insight and superb scholarship.
Who cares about the Old Testament?
It was Jesus’ only Bible! It contains not only the stories of creation, redemption, God’s love and frustration with the Israelites, but also the law and stories of the prophets—those who proclaimed God’s justice and love, which was also revealed in Jesus as Messiah.
Easter Sunday is over.
Why should I attend?

Spiritual renewal takes many forms. These six sermons offer lessons about rejoicing, rebuilding, repairing, reprising, redeeming and renewing—couldn’t you use some of that in your life?
Recreate • Reprise •Redeem • Rejoice • Repair • Renew
Using powerful passages from Isaiah and Revelation, these two speakers will help you continue the celebration of Christ's resurrection and deepen your spiritual connection.
April 30 • Isaiah 40:21-31 | ReCreate
May 1 • Isaiah 51:1-6 | RePrise
May 2 • Isaian 52: 1-12 | ReDeem
May 7 • Isaiah 65: 17-25 | ReJoice
May 8 • Isaiah 62: 1-12 | RePair
May 9 • Revelation 21:1-6 | ReNew
Lunch Menu
  (served with dessert or available to go)

Tues: Turkey/provolone with potato salad & fruit


Tues: Chicken BBQ with baked beans & cole slaw


Wed: Chicken salad with cucumber salad & fruit


Wed: Vegetable beef soup with grilled cheese


Thurs: Caesar salad with protein & plantain chips


Thurs: Fried fish, mashed potatoes & broccoli salad

Contact us
Grace & Holy Trinity Church
8 North Laurel Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Want to refresh your spirit? Renew your soul? Come to RE: Regarding Easter--six sermons by two outstanding speakers during the 50 days of Easter. Worship begins at noon with lunch at 12:30 p.m. Parking along the perimeter of Monroe Park or in the VCU deck at Laurel & Main St. (next to the Altria Theater).